Here at Newman Auto Centre we specialise in repairing and re-gassing your car air conditioning system.

Our aircon regas service is actually more than just a regas. We do a thorough three part service. First we do an aircon pressure test to make sure that it's actually low gas causing the problem. Secondly, we regas your aircon and thirdly we infuse a UV dye into the air conditioning system for leak detection.

After the initial assessment, we'll let you know what we find before doing any repair work. Depending on what's needed we can repair or replace your compressor, condenser, evaporator and we can even custom make any needed replacement aircon hoses.


Your car air conditioning system will typically lose gas every year (approximately 10% a year).

To slow that process down and keep your rubber seals lubricated we recommend that you us you car a/c every week for about 10 minutes, even in winter time

It's a good idea to your use aircon with your demister, as it will be more effective and the aircon will not overpower your heater

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